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Benji the Bunny is excited to go to Charity the Chipmunk's birthday party, but when Benji has trouble playing with his friends, he learns the valuable lesson of sharing. Your children will love the beautiful illustrations as they discover the truth that it is more fun when you share with others.

Teaching children to share.
Book 2: Benji and the Butterfly

When something happens to Benji's new friend, Corabelle the Caterpillar, Benji is worried; but he learns that sometimes change can bring about something truly beautiful.

Teaching children about change.
Book 3: Benji and the Christmas Visitor

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When some unexpected visitors arrive at Benji the Bunny's house, his Christmas is turned upside down. Will his Christmas be ruined or will he learn a valuable lesson about the most important Christmas Visitor?

Teaching children about the meaning of Christmas.
Book 4: Benji and the Canada Goose

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Benji the Bunny is upset when his friends won't play what he wants to play, but a special visitor to his forest teaches Benji the important lesson of working together. Follow along with Benji the Bunny and his friends in this special Canadian adventure to commemorate Canada's 150th Birthday.

Teaching children about working together.

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