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Benji the Bunny is a grey and white bunny who lives in the forest with his family. Ben to play with his animal friends.

While shopping for children's books for her nieces and nephews, Sarah noticed there was a need for books that taught children positive character qualities and lessons. It was from this realization - and with her own pet rabbit  as inspiration - that Benji the Bunny Books was born. Using a group of forest animal friends, Sarah takes children on a journey of learning and adventure.


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Sarah has been blessed to have a good friend who is also an amazing artist. With Mary's artistic skills and insights into the characters, she brings to life Benji and his friends. Each illustration is drawn and painted by hand. Mary enjoys working with different mediums and has enjoyed the learning curve of illustrating these books. She also uses her artistic skills in the kitchen to make elaborately decorated cakes.


Does your child like to create stories? Sarah loves to encourage children to use their imagination and would love to see what stories they come up with.  Stories can be sent to the address below. If you would like your story returned, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope.


Benji the Bunny Books

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